A Holistic Approach 


Trade: For those companies uncomfortable taking the initial steps in exporting, or have limitations due to existing bank covenants or risk appetite, we can manage operations, handle logistics and structure appropriate trade terms with the overseas buyer, making this like any domestic sale.  By outsourcing this activity to Platinum Capital, an SME essentially takes no risk in selling to the overseas buyer.


Supply Chain Management: We have also become experts in the logistics involved with land and ocean shipments and will arrange for the movement of products so that you can focus on your business. We offer both containerized and break bulk shipments in a range of packaging options. Delivering personal service through coordinated teamwork is the backbone of our sales commitment. Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every stage of the process as we coordinate the movement and international delivery of trade products from one side of the globe to the other.


Consulting: Platinum Capital can provide advisory services to structure financing for projects in emerging markets using risk mitigation from governments around the world. This typically applies to direct foreign investment in an emerging market economy such as the establishment of local distribution channels or the operating of a business in the local market.