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Platinum Capital is an international trade & development company established in Colombia as a result of identifying a niche in the market for sustainable agricultural products.

We tackle the potential of bio-businesses. First, through our current global value chain integration model, empowering current underserved community’s bio-businesses. Second, through our Bio-Business Transformation Fund. It is a blended financing mechanism to educate and provide the upfront capital necessary to bolster bio-businesses, utilizing Low Carbon Agriculture and Deforestation-Free Production models. Advanced supply chain monitoring systems will be implemented while egaging the private sector for long-term sustainability of efforts.

Theory of Change

Substantial efforts are needed to ensure a systematic and structural change. Well-designed incentives can encourage the investors to finance moreand to further innovate in low emission, climate resilient sustainability solutions. Standard compensation mechanisms have not yet been deployed at scale, and finance forconservation still represents only a small portion of the broader sustainableinvestment market.

If tailored financial and policy mechanisms to value natural capital are deployed,then bio-businesses that contribute to climate mitigation, resilience andadaptability to climatic threats of local people in the value chains and ecosystems will become financially viable, expand, and provide a new model for low-emission resilient business development, because communities will be able tobuild capacity, private support will be pooled through thematic bonds and incentivizing policies, and knowledge on climate-resilient and low-emission practices will be generated and disseminated.

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Supply Chain

Whether we are re-designing your distribution system or arranging transportation for bulk, we become strategic partners who help you optimize your supply chain, increase your competitive advantages and maximize your return on investment sustainably.

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Finance, origination, processing, marketing and distribution. Supplying goods to meet rising demand. With our sector facing huge challenges, we aim to re-imagine global agriculture so that it is better for the farmers in our extended supply chain, their communities and our planet.

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Carbon Markets

The region’s endowment of natural capital, and its economic relevance offer considerable bio-business opportunities. We deploy natural capital and forest assets that lead to reduced emissions, higher carbon stocks, net gains in natural capital and increased climate resilience.

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The company name "Platinum" Capital comes from the six noble, precious metallic elements clustered together in the periodic table. They were known by pre-Columbian Americans for many years and the first European reference to platinum appears in 1557 in a Colombian mine. The properties of the platinum group represent our ethos. First, having catalytic processes in our endeavor. Second, we are highly resistant to wear and tarnish, despite downturns/pandemics. Third, we are resillient to attacks and excellent in high-stress environments. Finally, we succeed by demonstrating good ductility across regions, and stability thorugh time.

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