Platinum Capital

Platinum Capital S.A.S is an international trade & supply chain management company established in Colombia as a result of identifying a niche in the market for export services in agricultural products and natural resources market. Platinum Capital has a diverse client base, which includes banks, trading houses, local farmers, manufactures and end users. This enables us to source both buyers and sellers of bulk commodities at competitive prices assuring anonymity in the markets.


We are always eager to develop new trading partners, while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have already established in international trade markets. Platinum Capital undertakes due diligence on local producers to ensure that the offered product is of high standard and available. We also undertakes due diligence on prospective buyers to ensure that expectations can be met on their behalf. Currently, we are focusing operations on the sale of lumber, coffee and textiles: logistics, export and commercialization.

Platinum Capital is proud of its positions on social and environmental management and sustainable development; resulting in contributions to agribusiness, respect for the environment and improving lives in the communities where it is active. World trade commodity markets are constantly changing. We are in tune with the trends, keep our clients informed of them and adapt the way we source product in response to these changes. We are a solutions based organization whose business is built on our trading partner’s continued trust and support.